Afghan policewoman shoots dead NATO adviser

KABUL: A female Afghan police officer on Monday shot dead a foreign civilian adviser in Kabul police headquarters, officials said, in the first "insider" attack to be carried out by a woman.

It is the latest in a series of insider attacks that have seriously undermined trust between NATO forces and their Afghan allies in the fight against hardline Islamist Taliban insurgents.

An ISAF spokesman said the victim, a civilian adviser, died of his wounds and the female police officer who shot him had been detained.

Interior ministry spokesman Sediq Seidiqqi, confirmed the incident and said an investigation was under way.

A senior security official speaking to AFP anonymously said the victim was a male adviser from NATO and the incident took place at Kabul police headquarters.

The officer was arrested by her other colleagues after the shooting, the official said.

The Afghan conflict has seen a surge in insider attacks this year, with more than 50 of NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops killed by their colleagues in the Afghan army and police.

- AFP/al

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