IRCC to step up outreach to community

SINGAPORE: The Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC) has launched a newsletter and a song to step up its efforts to reach out to the community.

The newsletter that comes out every three months aims to increase awareness of IRCCs to the community at-large as it shares the key thrusts of IRCCs, strategies that IRCCs undertake to achieve them and updates readers on upcoming events and activities.

It will also help spread the IRCC messages of racial and religious understanding to readers, and complement the IRCC website in outreach and engagement efforts. An electronic version of the IRCC Newsletter is also available on the website.

The song composed by well-known local musicians, Jack and Rai, is titled "Different Races.Many Beliefs.One Nation".

It reflects the roles and functions of IRCCs, as well as highlights the importance of racial and religious harmony in a creative and catchy manner.

Launching the newsletter and song was Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong at the IRCC Family Day on Saturday afternoon.

He said the newsletter will help augment the IRCC's efforts in reaching out to more people, so that everyone in Singapore can play a part in maintaining racial and religious harmony.

- CNA/ck

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