SSC may sell naming rights to facilities in Sports Hub

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Sports Council (SSC), which is developing the Sports Hub, may sell the naming rights to individual facilities within the complex, except for the National Stadium.

However, any sale of naming rights within the Sports Hub is still subject to SSC's consent.

The aim is to strike a balance between preserving the character of Singapore's national icons and allowing sports to benefit from corporate sponsorship.

Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong said this in Parliament on Wednesday in response to questions from Nominated MP, Assistant Professor Eugene Tan, on the policy on naming rights.

Mr Wong said: "We would certainly be considering naming the facilities which could take the name of our public figures or sports personalities. We are prepared to consider the suggestion and that is provided for within the context of the Sports Hub. Not all of the naming rights have been sold or are part of the agreement with the operator. The government can decide to so name in a different manner."

The Sports Hub is being developed under a 25-year public-private-partnership (PPP) agreement.

A commercial operator will finance, build and operate the entire project in return for a pre-agreed payment and a share of the overall revenue.

Part of the revenue from the operation of the Sports Hub, which would include revenue from the sale of naming rights, may be used to pay for future improvements in facilities, events and shows, as well as to fund community events and support the development of athletes.

On whether a local bank is in discussions with the sports operator on the naming rights, Mr Wong said any interested party can approach the Sports Hub operator and let it know it is interested in a sponsorship deal with naming rights for a particular facility.

He said the Sports Hub operator has been talking to many parties,.

He added that while the media may have speculated about a deal with one local bank, that doesn't mean only one party is interested.

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